twitter. 9:15 PM - 30 Dec 2016. Originally posted by kkamjongiee. edit: I was already told twice Xiumin as a Tan cat. From cats and dogs, to chickens and iguanas! Check out some of our favorite idol. #exo · #pets · #kai · #kim jongin · #monggu · #baekhyun · #mongryong · #tao · #candy · #dogs · #poodle · #corgi · #maltese · #chanyeol · #vacuum May 6, 2012 1. EXO from EXO PLANET 5. #exo · #pets · #kai · #kim jongin · #monggu · #baekhyun · #mongryong · #tao · #candy · #dogs · #poodle · #corgi · #maltese · #chanyeol · #vacuum Jul 15, 2013 Q/ Anonymous : Do any of the members have pets? Answer : Yes they have. 516 Retweets; 419 Likes; ethereal_C star eja Apocalypsechc MS | The Elyxion тιηуᴍᴏηsᴛᴇʀ メリーちゃん Shenaiii EXO Members pets Minseok : Tan Suho : Byul ( star ) Kai: Monggu,Jjanggu, Jjangah Sehun : Vivi Baekhyun: Mongryong SO CUTEEEEEEE pic. exo members' pets: xm: tan (cat) jm: byul bh: mongryong cy: ttoven/beethoven kai: monggu, jjangu , jjangah sehun: vivipic. Exo (엑소) is under SM Entertainment with 12 members which was built in 2012. com/J5zemKk5Tz. Chen ,Xiu,Kris ,Baek are the actual pets for me :joy: Chen is my cute dinausor :heart_eyes: :heartbeat: ( I know Dinausor is not a pet :joy_cat: but considered it as one please ) Xiumin is my cat :heart_eyes_cat: . Don't need to reply and Jan 10, 2017 He developed allergies when he was young because he had a lot of pets. O_O • 11 months ago. 6:19 AM - 9 Jan 2017. . Baekhyun and Mongryong. And Kyungsoo was a voice Waiting for an EXO member to get a cat and try to take it for a walk with the dogs. Chanyeol and Sam? Sam seems to be the most well-trained though. of his pet Bichon Frise that he has se | Tags: news exo. Really unfortunate especially for an animal lover like Chanyeol. EXO previously known as '소년 천지' ("Boy's Heaven" or "Land of Boys") 4. ℓian Aug 11, 2017 Only recently through idol men did we find out Kyungsoo had a pet. May 6, 2012 1. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Kai and Monggu. 105 Retweets; 110 Likes; fineh02 Name cannot be blank swagnae Anna Kuin♡ shifa Y30lly islayright?. He's really allergic to cats and with dogs he can only be with them for about an hour before his allergies start acting up. Tao and Candy. jpg Megan May 사슴이. com/CpYy8VLJx3. 617 Retweets; 395 Likes; Aeris46 Myh 엑소 ALʟ ɪɴ✨ suhorang Shadaccia Reynolds [ ice ] patrissia G. Hangul for EXO is "엑소" 2. I have the same breed Jun 28, 2017 Exo members moments ☸. 0 replies 105 retweets exo members pets Minseok: Tan Junmyeon: Byul Kai: Monggu, Janggu, Jangga Sehun: Vivi Baekhyun: Mongryeong Chanyeol: Beethovenpic. 0 replies 105 retweets Aug 11, 2017 Only recently through idol men did we find out Kyungsoo had a pet. The band is divided . Dawwww. And it's a dog! And Mongmool is the name. Genre, performed by EXO is a K-pop, Mandopop, Pop, Dance-pop 3. Kai have 2 dogs, Monggu and Jjanggu~ Kris shows his fans a pic. 10:28 PM - 9 Jan 2017. I have the same breed EXO's pets. Exo member Kai's 3 dogs: Jjangah, Monggu and Jjanggu // Zzang A, Mong Gu and Zzang Gu //Jan 9, 2017 exo and their pets sehun - vivi jongin - monggu, jjanggu, jjang-ah baekhyun - mongryong jun. It's where your interests connect you with your people. BAEK is my puppy :kissing_heart: ,Kris is my Sloughi Dog :joy: EXO's pets. The band is divided Some K-pop Idols have the cutest pets to come home to after a hard day of work. com/nrlWcpuOzo