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Blends is a show that covers music from around the world using traditional Japanese musical instruments. Traditional Asian instruments are played in Western songs. yoshinagamana. With the fusion of . Aug 25, 2016Aug 20, 2016Nov 2, 2016Jul 24, 2016Aug 14, 2016Jul 31, 2016Mar 31, 2017Sep 25, 2016Mar 26, 2017Aug 28, 2016Aug 7, 2016Aug 16, 2016Nov 19, 2016Jul 11, 2017Aug 26, 2016Aug 7, 2016If you have already done so, thank you for your co-operation. Each location is chosen specifically for the song. Blends - A musical mix: East meets West. 13127_4. from YouTube · Ray Charles-Georgia on My Mind-Japanese Cover-Hichiriki-NHK Blends -. https://youtu. com/playlist?list=PL4LETBC6Driq5QCpyT2fV_ca35W1CZ87B NHK Blends: A musical East meets West. NHK operates two terrestrial television services (NHK General TV and NHK NHK Blends: Michael Jackson-Smooth Criminal-Jushichigen - YouTube. This is the Youtube channel where you'll find the latest Blends masterpiece. The performance speaks for itself, as the program sticks to showing less narrative and more sounds and visuals. A quick YouTube or Google search of NHK World Blends will yield few more interesting East-meets-West covers, 6 out. Have a listen. 生田流箏曲・地歌三味線演奏家の吉永真奈です。 最新アルバム視聴 https://www. Stairway to Heaven, Imagine, Dancing Queen, Layla, Bolero de Ravel, o tema de James Bond… essas eu sei que você conhece! Agora, já imaginou se as 2016年10月8日 https://www. youtube. If you want to see more Blends videos, Subscribe, Like, Share, Comment and Add it to a Playlist! Be first to watch the newest Blends! To Loop this video, rig youtube. 東京. These cover songs are hauntingly beautiful and are all set in gorgeous Japanese locations. Ray CharlesMusical InstrumentsGeorgiaMusic InstrumentsInstruments Oct 24, 2016 Just when you thought you couldn't squeeze any more juice out of the Led Zeppelin lemon, along comes a Hong Kong TV station to prove you wrong. Source: YouTube. . com. NHK World is a channel that aims to report Asian news from a Japanese point of view and to promote Japanese culture globally, and their Blends show Oct 20, 2015 The video was apparently recorded at Meguro Gajoen for NHK World Blends and broadcast in February this year, but it became a hit online when it was uploaded to YouTube earlier this month. Thanks for stopping by. 2016 Koto, shamisen, kotsuzumi, jushichigen, hichiriki, sho… Talvez você não conheça nenhum desses nomes; são instrumentos tradicionais japoneses. Be sure to check out more videos on the NHK Blends YouTube Channel, like this cover of Sep 6, 2016 Tsujimoto tours often, and live performance information can be found at her website. The woman playing shakuhachi is Yoshimi Tsujimoto, a professional musician who has performed both Jun 12, 2017 Each video they producer has a brief intro on one of the instruments they are using, but we've skipped right to the good part. Jul 16, 2017 NHK Blends: A musical East meets West. 2016年11月9日 吉永真奈 · @manayoshinaga. September-Earth, Wind & Fire-Cover-Koto-NHK Blends. jp/mana-yoshinaga. No vocals, just instruments. See More. Joined April 2010 Blends - A musical mix: East meets West. We're on a collJul 16, 2017 NHK Blends: A musical East meets West. be/zjYVKZNT4ZA · September-Earth, Wind & Fire-Cover-Koto-NHK Blends. We're on a coll. com/watch?v=giCD3b92ptE … blog https://ameblo. NHK, which has always identified itself to audiences by the English pronunciation of its initials, is a publicly owned corporation funded by viewers' payments of a television license fee. You're going to Love it!NHK is Japan's national public broadcasting organization. Blends. This of course, is just one of the beautiful performances featured on Blends

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