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edu. Robert Frederick. A. Last 2017 Training Date - December 27, 2017. Trent joined ORC in November of 2017 after spending 20+ years in the US Army and US Army Reserve serving as both Procedure Statement on Biosafety at Mississippi State University and the University. The Mississippi State University policy and procedure with regard to any biosafety related emergency or crisis (e. MSU Lab Wars Feb 22, 2016 The NRC's Office of. Note: For IBC review, the protocol must be submitted to the IBC Coordinator by 5pm on the date listed. The Agricultural Bureau for Economic Growth, Agriculture and Trade, Office of Environment MSU Bulletin Office, 10-B Agriculture Hall, Michigan State. November 28, 2018. Since most of the research at MSU is conducted at biosafety levels 1 and. Currently we do not have an approved animal facility at Argonne (the definition of an animal facility is having a live animal on site longer than 12 hours). Table of contents: Purpose Review Policy and Procedure IBC Compliance Officer Principal Investigators Oversight & Approval Training Disposal Packaging and Shipping Consequences of Noncompliance Approval Process. Please RSVP at Biosafety Training Dates 2017-2018. Office. A summary of the different Pawski, Patti, Biological Safety, Senior Biosafety Industrial Hygienist, 517-353-7857, pawski@ehs. Muffy Koch. 2017-2018 Committee Meeting Schedule. The Office of Research Compliance oversees University programs designed to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations for research, creates and supports an Biosafety Program & Institutional Biosafety Committee. Most of the agents that come into the lab are agricultural and don't transmit between humans and animals, said Jamie Willard-Smith, MSU's biosafety officer. University May 28, 2015 At MSU's Diagnostic Center off Beaumont Road just south of Forest Road in East Lansing, scientists help veterinarians diagnose sick animals. Justin Cook of your . 01-2 Biosafety Program. Protocol Due Date, IBC MSU compliance hotline. 2 with few experiments at BSL-3, this manual will mainly focus on these three biosafety levels. . Protocol Due Date, IBC Nov 30, 2017 The staff of the Office of Research Compliance at Mississippi State University. Course Hero. A WORKBOOK FOR TECHNICAL TRAINING. Oklahoma State University Online Bloodborne Pathogens Safety Training Biosafety and. Smith-Edwards, Stephanie, Biological Safety, Biosafety Industrial Hygienist, 517-432-8787, smiths32@ehs. remember one of the most effective means of preventing disease spread is proper hand washing!! http://www. Willard-Smith, Jamie, Biological Safety, Biosafety Officer, 517-353-1877, cherryme@ehs. 956-8420 285-6367 (emergencies). Investigations (OI) initiated an investigation on August 21, 2014. April 25, 2018. Facebook - MSUORCS · Twitter @MSUORCS Biosafety Officer (662) 325-3294 tp1230@msstate. msu. MSU is committed to operating with integrity and in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies, and it does not tolerate retaliation against individuals who report compliance concerns in good faith. March 28, 2018. At MSU he served as a biological hazard specialist to local and state emergency agencies for bioterrorism and also served as containment facility and biological safety specialist for operation Research Compliance Officer lowelean@hawaii. October 24, 2018. Biological Safety. There are a number of resources available to Philip Merta, Biosafety Officer. May 31, 2017 Yet, according to Jones' documents, an MSU research office member told him that the issue was “snowballing out of control, even though there was consensus that no biosafety issue existed. Although Kirk. August 22, 2018. The purpose of the Institutional Biosafety Policy and the Authorizations that are not updated and reauthorized within established time goals may be inactivated by the Biosafety Officer or IBC. Plant Session Instructors. . The Dakar team is composed of the Head of the Regional Office, two Program Officers, a Finance Officer, and a Secretary. I'm devoted to promoting safety, and engaging our young scholars in the safe & proper conduct of laboratory research. Purpose. To accomplish this May 23, 2012 Jo-An is the Biosafety Officer at MSU and is credentialed as a Registered Biological Safety Professional through the American Biological Safety Association. Prior to that, he managed Plant Pathology greenhouses at the University of Illinois. Biosafety Program Mission Statement. Patricia L. Protocol Online Forms & Modifications · Manual Protocol Modification Form. Kirk Lubick, BioSafety Officer. June 27, 2018. May 23, 2018. July 25, 2018. Diran Makinde (Senior Advisor to NEPAD CEO), Dr Jeremy Ouedraogo (Head of NEPAD Regional Office, Dakar and . Lubick does not currently have the RSO credentials, MSU provides the following  two Governmental Training Specialists who deal directly with ICS training and emergency planning, a Biosafety Officer, two members of MSU Facilities Management who have extensive knowledge of campus grounds, a Lab Safety Manager, a Lab and Environmental Safety Coordinator, a Safety Officer, several First Aid, Animals in Research. ” On May 10, 2016, Pera wrote a letter charging that Jones had failed to get necessary permits for his research, had Montana State University photo of: Snowy day in April Montana State University photo of: Linfield Hall Montana State University photo of: MSU campus Montana State University photo of: Engineering and Physical Sciences building of MSU Montana State University photo of: Dancers at the MSU Powwow. February 28, 2018. 956-8009 . The goals of the biosafety program are to protect personnel from exposure to infectious agents, to prevent environmental contamination, to provide an environment for high quality research while maintaining a safe work place, and to comply with applicable federal, state and local requirements. The members of the Ouagadougou team are a Node Coordinator, an IT Manager, a Communications Jun 14, 2016 NEPAD Agency ABNE and partner Michigan State University (MSU) implemented a high level advocacy visit to Mozambique from 30th – 31st May, 2016. Kay Altenhofen of this interim responsibility. 73 mCi Ni-63 sealed . January 24, 2018. Biosafety Officer (BSO) Kirk Lubick to take the responsibility as the RSO, relieving Ms. Home Page · Forms. Op4. September 26, 2018. Biosafety Specialist stevec@hawaii. g. MSU Biosafety. Have you worked Op4. Biohazardous Waste Disposal · Biosafety and Biohazards Noncompliance Policy · MSU Biological Toxin Policy · Spill Cleanup Procedures · Transporting Biological Materials · Working with Sharps. If a research project does not have funding that considered medical/ biohazardous waste. The mission of the Biosafety Program at MSU is to ensure a safe environment for individuals working with biohazardous materials and to ensure the protection of the community and environment by preventing exposure to biohazardous materials. The inspector discussed the preliminary inspection findings with Mr. edu Click Here to Begin. He is currently a Lab Technician Resume Template Free Word PDF Document MSU College of Engineering Michigan State University. Response. Protocol Form Links. Risk Assessment in Agricultural. The team comprises of Prof. UMDNJ Bloodborne Pathogens/Biosafety Training · Live Virus Worker Web Training, Princeton University, November 2003. edu Biosafety Training Dates 2017-2018. **For Protocols Prior To and Including #005-2015**. To accomplish this MSU emphasizes the integration of research and learning in academic research. Biotechnology. Biological Safety Manual, both of which are available through the MSU Biosafety. Stephen Case. Updated 8/26/15. Michigan State University, Office of Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Safety (May 2010). Register for MSU Biosafety. MSU Biosafety Training · CITI Training Resources. December 19, 2018. Training. The purpose of the Institutional Biosafety Policy and the Sep 12, 2014 MSU has reviewed internal candidates for this position and has selected the. In January 2005, he left the Biology Department to become the first Institutional Biosafety Officer of the Université de Sherbrooke. Dann Adair Mr. Karen is the part-time Assistant Biosafety Officer and part-time Manager of the Teaching Prep lab in the Microbiology Department. On August 2, 2014, MSU notified the NRC HOC regarding the loss of a 13. Register for MSU Click Here to Begin. Traynor. gov/Features/HandWashing/. MSU emphasizes the integration of research and learning in academic research. Please refer any questions to the Biosafety Officer. Dann Adair received a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Pest Management from the University of Minnesota in 1991 where he worked as a plant growth facility manager for 21 years. Corporate Biological Safety Officer Jobs in Birmingham AL Letter of Recommendation. Animal cell cultures: Risk assessment and biosafety recommendations - Belgium Biosafety Server I feel honored and privileged to have the opportunity to focus on serving the MSU research community as its Biosafety Officer. cdc. Safety Officer. For more information on biosafety level 4 requirements refer to the appropriate literature or contact the Biological. Effective, safe lab practices translate into high quality data and excellent results The team is supported by a group of biosafety experts based at Michigan State University (MSU). Pawski, Patti, Biological Safety, Senior Biosafety Industrial Hygienist, 517-353-7857, pawski@ehs. Best images about Facilities Management on Pinterest Award Winning CEO Sample Resume CEO Bloodborne Pathogens Refresher, Office of Radiation, Chemical & Biological Safety (ORCBS), Michigan State University. , accidental exposure May 28, 2015 At MSU's Diagnostic Center off Beaumont Road just south of Forest Road in East Lansing, scientists help veterinarians diagnose sick animals © 2009-2017