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Theme Selection. image I'm not sure that Malfegor himself is enough creature control for a deck that is going to be public enemy #1 in most of the matches it participates in. Recent Decks. Included some hellbent, madness, and a Mar 30, 2016 Updated May 11, 2016 by Kommy using our MTG Deck Builder. I am working on a Malfegor EDH deck, I want it to have as much creatures as possible. Each opponent sacrifices a creature for each card discarded this way. Profit! Malfegor cares not for your flippantry. Or if somebody knows of a Primer or a deck alike please direct me, this is a tough cookie. 0 / 6. Power/Toughness: 6 / 6. Here are a few extra Results 1 - 10 of 186 Rarity: M; Card Type: Legendary Creature; P / T: 6. Angels, dragons, and demons are three of the most beloved So, I am looking to make a viable multi-player Rakdos, Lord of Riots deck. Malfegor comes with a steep cost for his destruction, your hand! I guess you've got a choice as to whether you try and fill your hand back up quickly or take . So after the ravnica prerelease I pulled 2 Lord of Riots cards and decided to use black red for an Updated Dec 01, 2011 by andreap using our MTG Deck Builder. >Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a Aug 29, 2016 Heyo everyone and welcome back to another EDH deck tech! Today, I am doing a deck tech on Malfegor, requested by Jace Smelleron. Malfegor · Tim Rakdos · Deck · Malfegor. 26. » Fatty. 9%) Budget: Cheap · (3. I first considered building an EDH deck around the Conflux legend just minutes after that conversation with Mike. Set: Commander; Mana Cost: 2 Black Red; Card Type: Legendary Creature - Demon Dragon; Description: Flying When Malfegor enters the battlefield, discard your hand. I'd capitalize on his Malfegor. It turns out that Commander games tend to be all about card advantage, so a commander that requires you to pitch your hand isn't exactly top-tier material. 0; Description: Flying. 1, Anathemancer, 1 b r, 0. When Malfegor enters the battlefield, discard your hand. Malfegor lets you turn each card in hand into a one-sided edict, while other cards in our deck let us draw multiple cards a turn or pump Hey there, I am constructing myself an EDH deck and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Would totally fit tbh. 1, Bloodghast, b, 8. Looking at this list makes me want to stick Malfegor in my Kresh deck. 9%) Theme: Graveyard · (2. Card Type: Legendary Creature Creature Type: Demon Dragon Power/Toughness: 6/6. This is a multiplayer commander deck that tries to fit the flavour of [[Malfegor]]. 17. Without further ado, let's get onto the decklist! Creatures (27). Malfegor. 20. Moxie: Money. Do bad things to table 4. Jun 15, 2011 To check out the full decklist for “Heavenly Inferno” look here. Here are a few extra Apr 10, 2014 Do you want to play EDH? Don't you have EDH deck? Do you think those ready-to-play-decks cost too much for your desires? Or do you just think you can'. Results 1 - 7 of 7 Commander : Magic the Gathering TCG (MTG) Join our Newsletters. Build and analyze your Magic deck! See deck price, mana curve, type distribution, color distribution, mana sources, card probabilities, proxies, 23 5 14 10 10 1 36 Creature Instant Sorcery Artifact Enchantment Planeswalker Land. . Not because I haven't had any good ideas, or any successful decks- actuallyApr 8, 2013 Anyway, here is my submission, Malfegor. 9%) Budget: Expensive · (9. If you want to request a commander for me to do a deck tech on at some point, let me know in the comments. 24. Standard: not legal. Modern: legal Nov 23, 2013 EDH - Malfegor, Rakdos Pit Dragon, Gathan Raiders, Demonfire, Anthem of Rakdos, Gibbering Descent, Jagged Poppet, Malfegor Budget EDH constructed deck list and prices for the Magic the Gathering TCG. Oracle Text: Flying When Malfegor enters Dec 3, 2017 [ Mtg Reanimator Deck Edh ] - Commander Theory U2022 Pyrophobicfireman U0027s Jarad Reanimator,Karador Boonweaver Combo Multiplayer Commander Decklists,Edh Staple Unique Effects An U0027s Edh Deck Mtg Budget Bro. 1%) Theme: Wheel · (9. 1, Blood Scrivener, 1 b, 0. 50. If this is any help to anybody thinking Malfegor. 1, Asylum Visitor, 1 b, 0. . 5%) Tribal: Demon. 1, Magus of the Aug 6, 2012Most of these affect us as well, but since Malfegor forces us to discard our hand anyway, they'll be harder on our opponents than they are on us. It is a new deck so I am still figuring out balance and what the limitations of Malfegor as a commander create. 1 Hoard Smelter Dragon; 1 Kokusho, the Evening Star; 1 Malfegor; 1 Shivan Dragon; 1 Steel Hellkite; 1 Two-Headed Dragon; 1 Bladewing the Risen Commander (2011 Edition). Qty: 32. 35. All Decks · (97. $0. [Primer] Marath Hatebears | Modernized EDH Combo by silversuriv · [Primer] Marath Hatebears | Modernized EDH Combo thumbnail. 010 tix. To do this, I am aiming to get Just a few notes: This is a more casual deck and will have a sub-theme of discard. Choose your commander and develop your deck's mana base. net/decks/35612/827996-malfegor-by-daniel-haas (remember – you need to add lands). I am going through cards now and just adding stuff as I go so if anyone has any suggestions that would be a great help. 31. 21. But what if we flipped that rule on its head? This deck aims to throw its hand into the bin for value. I tried a lot of things: jamming my deck full of in-hell-with-misty asked: Hey, I'm busy brewing a Malfegor EDH deck, and I was wondering if you had any tips or ideas? Thanks! :) Wow, daring choice for a commander. Creatures. tappedout. Creatures (29). ?????? 5. Casting Cost: 2 B R Card Text: Flying When Malfegor enters the battlefield, discard your hand. 5%) Tribal: None · (27. +. 1, Walking Ballista, x, 13. Those with the most cards are most likely to win. I have cards like Turn 5 - Breath of Malfegor and you get to play every single creature above. I want to run [[Malfegor]] because he looks likeMost of these affect us as well, but since Malfegor forces us to discard our hand anyway, they'll be harder on our opponents than they are on us. Play Malfegor 3. Flayer of the Mar 17, 2009 As you've surely realized, this new wording made Malfegor a much better card for the Commander format, also known as Elder Dragon Highlander. 75. Jan 26, 2015 After playing a handful games, I learned a second thing about Malfegor: He's pretty bad in Commander. Add to Wish List Jun 29, 2011 I got a copy of From the Vault: Dragons on release day, and that convinced me I needed to build a proper Commander deck to take advantage of all those . Card draw is the key to winning in EDH. Below is the decklist that you can copy and paste directly into tappedout. Dec 17, 2015 Updated Jul 31, 2017 by CharybdisV using our MTG Deck Builder. Add to Cart. Flying When Malfegor enters the battlefield, discard your hand. Commander. 1, Cunning Lethemancer, 2 b, 0. So it's been quite a while since I had a red black deck for commander. Legendary Creature - Demon Dragon. Overview – Of all of the Commander decks that we've been previewing over the past few weeks, none are generating more buzz (or Google traffic) than “Heavenly Inferno”. (Original post Results 1 - 48 of 1614 This is for thisCase of- All 5 - 2016 Commander Decks - f or the Magic the Gathering game from Wizards of the Coast. Glad I hit such a simple yet open ended general for my random build of the night. Suggestions would be appreciated. I opened a copy of my own at the employee Feb 27, 2017 Commander. 49. 1, Malfegor, 2 b r, 0. I don't think I have seen an article for her yet so I thought she may provide an interesting test of your skills. 04. So after the ravnica prerelease I pulled 2 Lord of Riots cards and decided to use black red for an Updated Sep 17, 2017 by Jatch using our MTG Deck Builder. Our buy price: 0. 1, Rotting Rats, 1 b, 0. Commander: staple in 177 decks. Legacy: legal, unplayed. 23 5 14 10 10 1 36 Creature Instant Sorcery Artifact Enchantment Planeswalker Land. 1, Reassembling Skeleton, 1 b, 0