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Oct 6, 2015 Mixing procedure for 200 i. injections, using a 5000 i. Welcome to the HCG Injections review site, we aim to bring the best information on choosing the perfect injections for your needs, we give a break down of what. The most common and reliable method of . on losing and maintaining weight by shifting one's food intake to 500 calories while taking daily injections of hCG, or the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone. . Take one injection syringe out and remove the safety cap. T. ampoule of hCG – (additional dosage measurements are covered below. Previously, the HCG Diet was defined by a 500-calorie diet paired with daily injections of HCG. Mixing Instructions hCG Injections. Trim Nutrition is the Industry Leader in Providing Premium Quality Vitamin Injections and Dietary Supplements for Weight Loss and Energy. Choice 1: All the supplies necessary for Mixing and Injecting HCG. ask. Various Injection Strengths Ampoule Size Desired Daily Dosage Sterile Water Needed Days of 1/2cc injections yielded 1500 iu 125 iu 6 cc 12 days, inject 0. The final results were after 47 days of the diet protocol in Phase 2. swelling or redness at the injection site. Below, I have listed my favorite places to Buy HCG Diet Injections online that meet my high expectations. u. Mixing your HCG injections can seem intimidating at first, but there are very clear instructions on how to mix HCG in the safest way, and in a way that is best for your body. I didn't skip a day until I had gone 10 days, just to make sure it was well into my Our HCG Injections and vitamin B injections are formulated in the United States. However, there are enough commonalities to provide some basic guidelines that may prove useful to those who are trying the HCG diet plan for the 1st time. ihcginjections. In his book, the doctor has exposed the theory behind this very popular program. The following ONLY applies if you have mixed the hormone in a 1:1 ratio- that is, if you have a 5000iu vial of hCG, you would have mixed it with 5ml's of bacteriostatic water, AND if your syringe is one of the following: 1 ml/cc syringe = 100 units. The hCG diet was originally developed by Dr. Simeons, author of the book 'Pounds & Inches'. com Please note: These instructions are for mixing hCG from 5000iu vials from places overseas like Escrow Refills, for use with the following standard sized syringes that are typically sent with hCG: How to Mix 5000 iu Vial hCG Injections - hcgchica. different syringes that have 40 units per 1cc/ml syringe (instead of 100 units per 1 cc) and my following instructions will NOT apply for these syringes – see the bottom of this post- LESSON 4- for the proper dosing with these syringes. No matter how strange or insignificant some of the dietary restrictions and instructions may sound, they must all be followed strictly in order to get the results Feb 5, 2013 By now you've probably heard about it: the HCG Diet, an extreme diet that involves injections of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). com/youtube?q=hcg+diet+injection+instructions&v=21EIEgVv0sI Jan 2, 2014 This is the mixing instructions for the HCG Diet Injections. . Each meal includes In this phase, patients have completed their injections or drops and follow the 500 calorie diet for 3 more days as they finish out the program. In this video you can watch the full progression of a 40-day HCG Diet Challenge I take for those of you who want to get an idea for how fast the results can come in a short period of time. HCG is the hormone women make when they are pregnant. com Nu Image Medical 401 East Jackson Street, Suite 2340 Tampa, Mixing Instructions for HCG Diet Injections : iHCG Injections - Real www. The visual progression of this diet is The HCG DIET Program consists of HCG injections for the first 23 days with a high-fat high calorie diet for the first 2 days, then a very low calorie diet for days 3-26. Hcg Diet Forums. Sep 9, 2012Jul 25, 2011Oct 6, 2010Step 2: HCG Dosage Instructions. com/youtube?q=hcg+diet+injection+instructions&v=fXoqouBmi2s Jul 25, 2011 Learn how to mix powdered HCG with Bacteriostatic water for the 28 day HCG Diet Plan. A. Instructions apply to both the 28 day and 52 day kit. 5 units= 175iu, 20 units= 200iu). Complete step by step mixing kit guide. Sep 9, 2012 This is how to take your hcg from http://ushcgshots. W. The area should be cleaned with bleach or alcohol and left to air dry. This combination helps to reset one's metabolism to ensure long-term weight loss. 5 units= 125iu, 15 units= 150iu, 17. 5 cc per day Results Hcg diet injections mixing instructions trudeau simeons from youtube at thronetheater. hCG weight loss shots are prepared in a very sterile environment. [OFFICIAL] HCG Diet Injections Mixing Instructions - Nu Image www. What makes this program stand out from the other HCG Dosage Instructions. Following correct injection procedure can help to minimise this but any reactions should be reported to your medical professional. May 7, 2015 Depending on where you purchase your HCG injections the directions may vary from provider to provider. Steps to Inject for SubQ injections: Clean the area with an alcohol swab in a circular motion, from center out to about a 2-inch width. com Here's a detailed video instructions on how to mix HCG Injection Kits. ) Mixing Preparations. ampoule of hCG – (additional dosage measurements are covered below. 5 ml/cc syringe = 50 units. HCG. It is recommend to start off at 150iu daily for the first week, then increase it to 175iu daily for the 2nd week, then increase it to 200iu daily for the remainder of the diet protocol. You would continue the 500 calorie diet those days, without difficulty, since hCG stays in your system for 3 days. How much dosage to use for HCG. Diet Info - The First and Only Authority on On the 43 day course, Dr. Recomended Services Nov 19, 2017 The HCG injection phase is the bulk of the treatment. htmliHCG Injections - Real provider of HCG shots & injections : Mixing Instructions for HCG Diet Injections - BUY HCG INJECTIONS Beauty Acne Hair Loss Birth Control Weight Loss Men's Health Mixing Accessories Vitamins hcg injections, buy hcg, purchase hcg injections, hcg shots. Choose This Service Add. If you fall within that third, could the hCG Injection Diet provide the weight loss results you desperately seek? For those where exercise and diet aren't . Tele-Med Consultation; 2x 5,000 iu vials of HCG; Booklet, Instructions, and Supplies. Sep 24, 2017 I wanted to let you guys know about my new fully structured program for Phase 3 (P3) of the hCG Diet Protocol containing an exact meal plan and recipes for P3 – I released the program in March 2017 and it's now been tested by hundreds of ladies – and it works! In the past, […] Continue Reading » How to inject HCG Correctly. Starting the HCG weight loss method requires a little more effort and dedication than a normal diet. Simeons to aid clinically. Follow these instructions for the maintenance phase to keep off the weight you've lost:. Poke the needle firmly into the middle of 50 Days. Here's a detailed video instructions on how to mix HCG Injection Kits. 5 cc per day 1500 iu 150 iu 5 cc 10 days, inject 0. Slowly draw out your designated dose (12. Note: Different Doctor's follow different injections protocols for the hCG Diet- the following are general instructions- always follow your Doctor's orders. Simeons suggests skipping an injection one day a week, to avoid becoming immune to the affects of hCG. Video by: http://nuimagemedical. The reason for this is to prevent your body from getting immune iHCG Injections - Real provider of HCG shots & injections : Mixing Instructions for HCG Diet Injections - BUY HCG INJECTIONS Beauty Acne Hair Loss Birth Control Weight Loss Men's Health Mixing Accessories Vitamins hcg injections, buy hcg, purchase hcg injections, hcg shots. How To Mix HCG: Step-By-Step Mixing Instructions. 3 ml/cc syringe = 30 units. An HCG They provide you with a instructions on the entire diet. Mixing procedure and required supplies Then use the mixing syringe to draw out the 1 ml of reconstituted HCG from the ampoule, inject the reconstituted HCG into your mixture vial that contains the bacteriostatic There is no waste with this dosage (30 day diet /28 injections/ 2 days for HCG to exit the body / 30 day total). HCG Injection Kit. $500 $350. com/mixing-instructions-for-hcg-diet-injections-ezp-2. Stick the needle into the bottle of hcg and then turn the bottle upside down. When you are new to the hCG diet, and HCG Injections, it can be pretty overwhelming. com if you are on hCG ! HCG Diet Injection Mixing Instructions - YouTube www. com. The amount that you mix is based on how many times you would like to create the solution, and what Sep 2, 2013 October 2015 UPDATE: FDA issued a warning – HCG Diet Products Are Illegal! HCG diet was created by the British doctor A. hCG Diet Workbook for Phase 2 of the hCG Protocol - hcgchica