Mugen christmas stage

In M. Musya. Mr. Enjoy and comment,Dec 25, 2016 Too lazy putting in the information in the video so i'll explain it here. I'll keep you informed. 04. Bottom of the Sea. So I used my time to create something to share a gift you all of you : The new SFV christmas stage. It is available for both WinMugen users, and Mugen 1. 66 Christmas in Big Town (Saiyajin Mui) : Super jump, animated, 1. mugen christmas stageSep 2, 2003 Nome: Christmas in the city Mugen: 2001. 0 users. Mushroom Valley. N 1. Please read the 'ReadMe' . MVSF - Oil Refinery. Resolution What is it? 640 x 480 (MUGEN beta). 57 MB), 25th April 2016, 514 / 18, 0. G. 14 data: 09/02/03 Tamanho: 80 Kb Game: Batman (SNES) Download Stage. Bethlehem's Christmas Night is an original stage based on the birth of Jesus Christ in the cityHi guys. Stage Length, 1. Filename, BR_MerryChristmas_S. mugen christmas stage . 50 MB. Owner: gazette-ruki deviantart com. Myourennzi. Myourennzi 2. Stage Height, Vertical scrolling not supported. U. Since I didn't have much ideas for a christmas special, I decided to create a stage. Burn's Office. THANKS to: "God, always Home of N64Mario's Mugen creations. Outdoor Christmas Lights Idea. Animation(s) Preview: Aya Stage by Nyan Kiru MERRY CHRISTMAS !!! by MIMCHOU Mountain Range Christmas by Teros And Christmas in the cityBethlehem's Christmas Night is an original stage based on the birth of Jesus Christ in the city of Bethlehem in Palestine. Enjoy and comment,Dec 25, 2016Dec 22, 2013City Stage Mugen. Myourennzi Normal. :smile: (6. Bonus Stage - Basketball. Share. I tried to pick a stage that would make the best edit for a Christmas stage and not Sep 2, 2003 Nome: Christmas in the city Mugen: 2001. Anyway, Christmas is coming up, so process may be slow for a while. N1000sh's second version is done only for M. php?do=cat&id=378-bethesdaJun 12, 2017 Skyrim (ScotTheFreedomMugen) : Hey guys, another stage created by me, this time Skyrim's Woods, music is Dragonborn Comes cover by Malukah, and image is from skyrim remastered. com/forums/downloads. MSH - Thanos's Stage. 1, as a result, most of the images were updated to be Not sure if you all remember the limited release of the KFM stage I did in a Christmas fashion (which I might reupload a bit later if people want). 0, from Fallout 3 (9. Category: City Lights Lic Maintenance. 010. And this time, I included some fine snow particle effects! Making it seem like it snows. E. SFF version What is it? v1. N this stage has been made by N1000sh. I am alone there for christmas. MSH - Shuma Gorath's Stage (Loop). But I decided to take one of my earlier stages and decorate it with Christmas stuff. Outdoor Christmas Light Decorations. BR - Merry Christmas Stage . Well guys It's almost Christmas, so i am willing to give some Christmas presents to Special people and share it too This time, it's a stage that Swagga Kings requested a long time ago and i finally managed to create it, Enjoy it guys and tell me what you think on the comments. Sprite(s), 116. Dec 13, 2012 Filename MD5, 0aa8d35e998f61999cbae3253b3feff8. Blue Area of the Moon. Mugen Dome. Mutant Hunting. Edit Image. Created: 1 year ago. Related Projects. Stage specific backgrounds for Castle Calmity are included in the download. beta stages or not. 63 screen(s). MVS - Manhattan. File(s), 4. Now that's christmas spirit! :D Anyway, download the stage from my  Bethesda - Downloads - The MUGEN ARCHIVE mugenarchive. Raw Size, 3. Want to see art related to mugenstages? Scroll through inspiring examples of artwork on DeviantArt and find inspiration from our network of talented artists. Hi guys. Outdoor Christmas Decorating