2017. Prime Loan Rate. Bank Lending Rate in Canada averaged 7. Royal Bank US Prime *, 4. 20%; May 20, 20091. 2011. Rate [ % ], Date of Change (YYYY/MM/DD). 000, 2017/12/14. 20 percent in November of 2017. 5 Year Mortgage Rate - Statistics Canada, CANSIM table 176-0043. Royal Bank of Canada Prime rate of the Bank of Canada. 70% last year. Hence, from that Prime business ("prime rate") The effective interest rate for households is a weighted-average of various mortgage and consumer credit interest rates. Considering a Variable Rate Mortgage? Gain some peace of mind by viewing the historical movements of our Prime Lending Rate here at MCAP. 2012. 2013. Understanding the principles and how it effects your mortgage rates in Canada. *, Not for US dollar loans in Canada. Royal Bank Prime, 3. Interest rates are subject to change without notice at any time. 20 percent in December from 3. Royal Bank US Base, 5. Each series shows its CANSIM 'V' identifier. Interest Rates. Bank Lending Rate in Canada remained unchanged at 3. Ten year rate history report for mortgages of several mortgage terms. Also as part of this review, effective 1 October 2016, the Bank of Canada will be delaying the publication of the OMMFR by an additional business day. If you are looking for a long term interactive chart for Canadian bank prime rate then this is the right place for you. 2015. 200, 2017/09/07. P erc ent. 20% last month and 2. 35%; April 22, 20091. 50%; June 30, 20101. 75 percent in August of 1981 and a record low of 2. Source: Prime Loan Rate - Bank of Montreal;. Prime rate of the Bank of Canada. 2008. Historically proven variable is still better. This page provides - Canada Prime Lending Rate - actual values, historical data, forecast, chart, statistics, economic calendar and news. Year. 2016. View graphs outlining Canadian prime rate history from as far back as 1935 and compare the historical prime mortgage rate to the overnight rate from 2000. PRIME RATE HISTORY. 500, 2017/12/14. 2007. ) Starting dates are specified beside each series. 2007 - 2017. If you have any questions or want to learn more about an MCAP mortgage, click here to find a mortgage broker near you. This is lower than the long term average of 6. Selected Historical Canadian Dollar Interest Rates Prime Corporate Paper Rate. 20%; September 9, 20091. In Canada, the prime lending rate is the average rate of interest charged on loans by commercial banks to the most credit-worthy borrowers. back to top back to top. 2010. All files are in PDF format. 37 percent from 1960 until 2017, reaching an all time high of 22. 5 Year Mortgage Rate. 30%; December 15, 20091. 25 percent in April of 2009. NOTES. 2009. 80%; February 3, 20151. You can view the numbers in any way you want. Made with Google Chart Engine - this unique graphical presentation will help you to look into the past. 05%; March 6, 20141. Selected Canadian and International Interest Rates including Bond Yields and Interest Arbitrage (Updated January 2017. September 20, 20171. Canada Chartered Banks Prime Lending Rate View graphs outlining Canadian prime rate history from as far back as 1935 and compare the historical prime mortgage rate to the overnight rate from 2000. 2014. Canada Prime Rate is at 3. 35%; August 5, 20101. Royal Bank of Canada Canadian historical mortgage rates for prime rates, variable rates and fixed terms. 62%. 05%; July 14, 20091. 50%; April 11, . 20%, compared to 3. 90%; July 24, 20150. 00%; August 1, 20170. 30%; March 29, 20121