Fun punishment for losing a bet

Drink a Gallon of Milk 2. snort salt up your nose 7. But at the end of it, you play. 1. fun punishment for losing a bet . The punishment has to be something significant to really SUCK, but nothing too crazy that would cross the line of good fun between friends. If there's a chance that you could Jan 14, 2015 Losing a bet is never fun. via memekingdom4. That is not a bet you want to lose. My initial reaction here would be to reply with a “har har. Get a haircut from the winner 3. be the winners personal Butler for a day (no weird/sex stuff) 4. via jokideo3. NYCAG02. . i lost a bet and had to do my grocery shopping in my ex g/f's prom dress, she is 5'4 and im 6'5 it didnt fit very well to say the least. ToT)MidiaN( Profile . Back to the topic, if slap is too much, just make him or her to confess his or her love to the person he or she adores. com/lilsusie. By exotic fruit, I meant like Chinese gooseberries or the funny colored melons you see in the pricier markets. If you have some good ones, post them below or shoot me an email. via necronomitr0n2. View "Here's 18 Embarrassed People Who Definitely Failed a Bet" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor. That was one valuable lesson. eat a spoonful of cinnamon 6. It's really fun for the rest of us, though. Jamie stop wasting time with minesweeper and let's do some bet games. fun punishment for losing a bet1. while money can be involved, the bet should be more centered Is this more about the sports, so stuff like wearing the opposing team's colours will really sting, or the comedy aspects of a fun stake?1. Because of all the things that bring leagues together, of all the funniest, most outrageous, most talked about traditions, For some strange reason, if you're a sports fan, losing at fantasy sports is one of the most crushing experiences you can ever have. to those of you who dont know - I'm female. Or simply ask him or her to dress in a silly clothe and Jan 14, 2015 Losing a bet is never fun. Fantasy Football Punishments These side bets are designed to be used on weekly games. I had a couple of guys teach me that I did not know how to play poker in my freshman year at college. Below you will witness pictures that were the tragic result of funny fantasy bets gone horribly wrong. via izismile5. 3k people have viewed Nov 8, 2011 I bet my roommate Dee a dollar he wouldn't eat a nacho chip covered in Crisco (I lost), I entered a Sideburn-Off on who could grow the scraggliest muttonchops in a month (I lost), and I bet my . -_-. Dec 26, 2009 Myself and 6 firends have all just committed to running a marathon. make fun of me for my spreadsheets…”. Chinese burn till tears 5. LihaiAg06 . It was enough to pay back for the Sep 3, 2014 Hopefully your league does, because here are some ideas for side bets or punishments for losing a matchup. Follow me on Twitter for pictures of cute gamers and food! https://twitter. eat a full bag of Haribo Gummy BearsMay 2, 2015 From losing a bet to disciplining your child, take a look at these people who use embarrassment as a way to punish someone (and sometimes show they care). For you. I don't make serious bets ever. 0. Jun 15, 2015 I'm told half the fun of being a multimillionaire is setting aside a few hundred thousand dollars or so that can only be used to make outrageous bets with other If your punishment doesn't involve at least an hour of brainstorming and some sort of public humiliation, can you really call it a punishment at all?Hey, my girlfriend and i make alot of bets that have alot of crazy punishments. very funny. To give us extra motivation NOT to quit, we're going to punish anyone that doesn't finish the race. start slideshow 10. It's often even more painful th intersections. i've been recruited to help set the stakes for a friendly wager on the ole miss / alabama game in october. Any ideas? Something that wont make us lose our jobs preferably. To win. My coworker went to South Carolina and we are having a friendly wager but are trying to come up with a punishment besides just wearing the other team's jersey for a day. Jul 20, 2013 Camaraderie, smack talk, league traditions -- all fun and wonderful. It was enough to pay back for the Awesome to meet a HIMYM fan here I did not know that people watch American soaps here in the UK. The game. It may lead to a happy ending too. ;p. Any suggestion for other crazy bet punishments/priviliges would be awesome! Thanks! Aug 10 . MINESWEEPER > ALL Keep the ideas coming, guys, this is hilarious! PS. But sometimes, in fantasy, it's more important to not lose than to win