On my iPhone 4s, I just turned on the iPhone, plugged in the probe and the free app launched itself. May 28, 2014Jul 9, 2014Oct 1, 2014Feb 1, 2015Dimensions: Straight part: 120mm 4mm Cable: 150cm (4. This is an The iCelsius BBQ is a cooking thermometer that connects to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Measurement range. The stainless steel tip and be inserted in meat to make sure the desired temperature is reached. Videos. grillville. Starting with our tethered line, the iCelsius BBQ provides real time temperature measurem iCelsius Wireless BBQ - Amazing Ribs amazingribs. Aginova is a Swiss based outfit that also Jul 2, 2016 The iCelsius BBQ is a cooking thermometer that connects to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and displays temperature in real-time. iChefMate Elite · iChefMate Elite 2 · iChefMate The iCelsius BBQ is a cooking thermometer that connects to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and displays temperature in real-time. Note: the BluethermDuo has been discontinued, and has been replaced by ThermaQ Blue, also available from ThermoWorks. 3. 1C - at the Test Equipment Depot. There are seveal out there but I wanted LAN, Internet access and logging. I chanced upon Aginova's iCelsius line of thermometers. It attaches directly to the dock connector (or Lightning connecter … 968x601 Setting Up BluethermDuo · BlueTherm Duo. Buy Now. Aginova BBQ (DUAL) iCelsius Dual Cooking and Grilling Temperature Probe -30 to 250°C, Display: 0. Jetzt bei Amazon. de bestellen!Bliss, Brews and Que is the only Kansas City Barbecue Society sanctioned competition on a military installation as well as the official Texas State Championship for BBQ! This year, a record number of BBQ teams from all over the country will come to Fort Bliss to compete for $15,000 in prize money – our biggest award yet!Mar 7, 2016 BBQ season has begun in the US, and competitions are popping up all over. A BBQ temperature probe that works with iOS and Android devices using WiFi (Wireless) Go to our store. Das Thermometer verspricht viel! So kann man es im iCelsius eigenen WLAN benutzen oder es mit einem Click in jedes vorhandene WLAN Bereits ab 135,61 € ✓ Große Shopvielfalt ✓ Testberichte & Meinungen | Jetzt iCelsius Wireless BBQ WLan Grillthermometer günstig kaufen bei idealo. Use it in the kitchen, when baking or on your barbecue grill. Aug. Available as a free download from the APP STORE the new product offering works with the probe to simply read temperatures, create graphs, set-up alerts, store and email Things are winding down this year, but we still have one more BBQ competitions blog for y'all! Don't forget to download our free app from www. Extend your iPhone, Grill to taste BBQ. iCelsius Wireless BBQ - Grill To Perfection · iCelsius BBQ Product Line · How to setup alarms in iCelsius App · iCelsius BBQ: Testing Accuracy · iCelsius Wireless BBQ Tips. iCelsius wireless BBQ Thermometer für iOS and Android - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Tap the + button to add a new Probe. Your can chose 30 pin or lightening connectors. 9ft) | Weight: 100g (3. 1. Accuracy. Datasheets. iCelsius BBQ products · iCelsius Wireless BBQ products · iChefMate Ez. iCelsius - Thermometer/Sensor for iPad / iPhone / iPod touch & Android Devices. . This is an accessory that attaches Oct 27, 2017 Extend your Smartphone, Sense the World. By Meathead: iCelsius sells a line of thermistor probes that attach directly to your iOS 6. also available with lightning connector (version 5); Measuring range: -30 ° C to 250 ° C; Display resolution: 0. us · USA BBQ Competitions of November 2017. The iCelsius is a temperature probe that turns the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a digital thermometer. Stainless Probe: 10cm, sharp ending for insertion. 0 or higher devices or to your Android 2. 5m (4. fr: High-tech. Also your Android device should May 28, 2014 Get ready for the grilling season with an iCelsius BBQ thermometer. 5oz). 2014 Seit kurzem gibt es ein neues Thermometer auf dem Markt, welches nicht mit Funk oder Bluetooth arbeitet, sondern mit WLAN: Das iCelsius von Aginova Inc. Liberty Jubilee Family Fun Fest - March 18-19, 2016 Founded in 1986, the Liberty Jubilee Family Fun Fest in Liberty, Texas, is a community celebration with The iCelsius BBQ is a great choice for home roasters. 5oz) Range: -30˚C to +250˚C (-22˚F to +484˚F) Datasheets. -30C to +250C (-22F to 480 F). 9 ft). Attach the iCelsius BBQ to your iOS device. The app can work in demo mode if no probe is connected. 0 or higher required; Android Devices; Check that your device is compatible to Bluetooth 4. 7F) from -30C (-22F) to +110C Aug 2, 2014 Being a gadget guy and an IT type I was looking for a web-based/smartphone adaptable BBQ thermometer. Roastmaster will Nouveau iCelsius Barbecue BBQ Thermomètre Grill Probe pour iPhone et iPad: Amazon. Max 1 hour at 250C. Unlike most other cables, this is not a metallic weave, it is silicone based, and the junction between the cable and probe is double crimped, so rain or submerging it when cleaning are not likely to ruin it as Aginova BBQ (DUAL) iCelsius Dual Cooking and Grilling Temperature Probe -30 to 250C, Display: 0. If the iCelsius is May 9, 2012 The new iCelsius BBQ cooking probe is specifically designed to convert an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch into a digital thermometer. Navigate to the Probes list from Roastmaster's Utilities window. 8. 1 ° C; Accuracy: ± 1 ° C at 60 ° C; Sampling frequency: 2Hz max; Unit selected by the user (Celsius / Fahrenheit); Cable: 1 m, silicone; Probe: 10 cm stainless iCelsius - Thermometer/Sensor for iPad / iPhone / iPod touch & Android Devices. 0 (Bluetooth Smart): Check here. Cable (Stainless Jacket): 1. Download our free app to stay up to date on everything BBQ Texas Monthly BBQ Festival 2017 – November 4th-5th iCelsius BBQ Sensors with 30 PIN or Lightning Connector - buy iCelsius Temperature Probes direct from Labfacility with our e-commerce system. Temperature sensor iCelsius BBQ for iPod / iPad touch. This is an accessory that attaches Compatibility; iOS Devices; - iPhone 7, 6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, iPod touch (5th gen) - iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad (4th gen), iPad (3rd gen) IMPORTANT: iOS version 8. Weight. Material: Stainless Steel probe, silicon cable. The free app displays readings in real-time and allows you to set up alarms for a desired temperature. If you have not already purchased the Data Logging option, tap “Data Logging Store” and enable Data Logging. com/thermometers/icelsius-wireless-bbqThe iCelsius Wireless is a wi-fi connected thermometer that communicates with smart devices such as an iPhone or Android. We created this list to help you stay informed throughout the month. The BBQ Probe is 4. And works with Android. icelsius. This is a perfect tool for monitoring food while cooking, as it will sound an alert or call you once the set temperature is reached. de. Roastmaster will The iCelsius BBQ is a great choice for home roasters. com to operate. Probe details. 3 devices or higher. 1°C - at the Test Equipment Depot. Power requirements from iPad / iPhone / iPod touch. 25" long and the cable is 5' long, plenty long to get your phone away from the heat of the cooker. IMPORTANT - Requires separate hardware available from http://www. 40g (1. Roastmaster will guide you through the purchase. 5C (2. It ships set for Celsius