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View Void Relic Drop Locations List▾▾. Void Relics are Orokin objects that can be opened to reveal valuable treasure enclosed within by completing Void Fissure missions. warframebrasil. 33%). 45% Easy/Medium/Hard/Ultra DS Defence Rot A LITH (all but K1)13. With fluid, skill-based combat that Aug 29, 2017 Hydroid Prime Neuroptics: Axi N4 (Uncommon). So, let's go over the missions that I've had the most success with when farming them. (This WAS NOT made by me and was made by Tacticial Potato a Warframe Youtuber). Nekros Neuroptics Aug 24, 2017 View Profile View Posts. Orokin Derelict Assassinate. This list represents data and drops from the PC version of the Free-to-play game Warframe. By mission; By relic. Wiki. Hydroid Prime Systems: Neo H1 (Rare). Hydroid Prime Chassis: Neo S8 (Common). 8% Rot B MESO (all but Nov 24, 2017 Relic explorer for Warframe - Drops, locations and ducats prices - Based on Digital Extreme's official data. I got the Axi R1 at wave 15 in hydron on Senda. 72%). Mesa Chassis Blueprint, Common (38. Ammo Drum, Rare (2. Axi E1 Intact · Orders · Statistics. The Axis come from wave 3 and 4. Mesa Neuroptics Blueprint, Common (38. Warframe, Ember Prime, Neuroptics, Prime Vault / Not Obtainable. 86% Rot C AXI (all) 77. com/2017/09/warframe-easy-axi-relic-farming-best. 60%). Filters. Not to mention he high Axi B2 Relic, Rare (8. #1. Mesa Systems Blueprint, Uncommon (22. Mission Types; Mercury; Venus; Earth I was wondering what is the best place to consistently get AXI relics if you could list all the popular places people farm them, please also tell what typeFor guaranteed Axi you want the high level intercepts. For all of your relic farming needs and best chances to get all the different eras of relics. Lith (発掘ティア1のBCロテ、ODDのAロテ、ダークセクター防衛 Relics are: AXI E1- LITH G1 MESO F2 NEO S5 Drop List: Frost P BP - Meso F2 Frost P Chassis - Lith G1 Frost P Neuroptics - Axi E1 Frost P Systems - Neo S5 I dont know exactly but if you go on Warframe wiki theres a chart with all the relic drops. Our free players can earn the game's content, and our paying players who support us with purchases usually get first dibs on the Mar 3, 2017 Meanwhile the lowest class of Relic (Lith) will drop from lower difficulty waves than the highest class of Relic (Axi). com/youtube?q=axi+warframe&v=7KGzHB7hLLU Jul 8, 2017 It's so far easiest and fastest way to get your hands on Neo/Axi Void Relics :3. Rot B AXI (all) 50% Rot C AXI (all) 77. It dropped on the very first time I tried framing for it. I like how mot is winning when it's literally the worse way to farm relics. Nekros Chassis Blueprint, Common (33. They are the principal means of acquiring Prime and Forma Blueprints. That's right - Warframe is free! Which means our drop system is designed to maintain a balance. A slightly more guaranteed way of earning Void Relics is by spending reputation at Warframe's several . Best spots for farming relics. Warframe, Ember Prime, Blueprint, Prime Vault / Not Obtainable. July 03 0. In ascending order of value, they are Lith, Meso, Neo and Axi. Nekros Neuroptics Axi E1 Intact. It drops all the Lith relics on rotation A which is waves For Warframe on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Good place to farm Axi V5?". Doing these will also get you plenty of Neo from Sep 7, 2017 So I have been asked in one of my post on where to farm/get lots of AXI Relics in Warframe. It doesn't hurt to try there. Order Type. Aug 24 @ 9:28am. I tend to prefer Berehynia due to the map shape since you can stand in the center and cover 3 points. Mutalist Alad V Assassinate. The best mission for farming Lith relics has to be Spear on Mars. Jul 3, 2017 Actually I got mine in another location than the ones listed above. 56%). Each tier encompasses several types of relic, and each type has its own rewards table, comprising Forma blueprints, as well as Prime components and blueprints. A bed. ask. Mirage Prime -BP Neo M1 , シャーシ Lith S7, システム Neo V6, ニューロティック Meso H1 Akbolto Prime- BP Neo M1, バレル Lith C2, リンク Lith S7, レシーバー Axi A3 Kogake Prime- BP Axi V7, ブート Axi A3, ガントレット Meso K1 (補足)キードロップのおおまかな場所. The fourth interval: 1. The most commonly ran ones are Berehynia, Sedna and Xini, Eris. Warframe, Ember Prime, Chassis, Prime Vault / Not Obtainable. View Void Relic Drop Locations List▾▾. br/drop-de-reliquiasAxi B2 Relic, Rare (8. Relic Farming Chart. Community Created Artwork for Warframe. Credits – 15,000; Neural Sensors – 5; Plastids – 1,100; Alloy Plate – 8,750; Nano Spores – 12,750. SellersBuyers Aug 19, 2016 Warframe, Ash Prime, Systems, AXI N1, 2%, 100. What I'm about to tell you guys is the method I'm using to farm five AXI relics in just 30 Jan 23, 2017Nov 23, 2016Aug 24, 2017 View Profile View Posts. htmlSep 7, 2017 So I have been asked in one of my post on where to farm/get lots of AXI Relics in Warframe. Doing these will also get you plenty of Neo from Jan 23, 2017 In-game name : Hellmanz Play Warframe now : Get a 7 day EXP boost By using my referral link - https://warframe. com. Xini, Eris is by far the best place for For guaranteed Axi you want the high level intercepts. blogspot. - YouTube www. 67% Rot B AXI (all but V3) 100% Rot C AXI (all) 100% Hard Excavation/Survival/DS Exc/DS Sur Rot A none. com/signup?referrerI I would also love to t Warframe Axi Relic Farming: How to Get Lots of Axi Relics in One grindhardsquad. Warframe, Ember Prime, Systems, Prime Vault / Not Nov 13, 2017 I have 261 Lith relics, 213 Meso relics, 404 Neo relics, and 160 Axi relics. What I'm about to tell you guys is the method I'm using to farm five AXI relics in just 30 Nov 23, 2016 How to farm neo and axi relics fast and reliable after "The War Within" update! [U21] Warframe - Fastest way to farm [Neo/Axi - Void Relic]. Drop de Reliquias – Warframe Brasil www. So, instead of just telling him where, I decided to make an in-depth guide on how you can acquire AXI relics in Warframe. Axi E1 Intact. By: ❄Daitetsu. Rot B NEO (all) 42. Not a lot of people do Mithra, I tend to get a alot of Axi relics there, but people tend to leave early or avoid it probably because how difficult the enemies are. By: ❄Daitetsu. Axi R1 Relic, Rare (8. Mission Types; Mercury; Venus; Earth Apr 12, 2017 That place on sedna where people affinity farm drops axi on rounds 3 and 4. typically, the higher the grade of a Relic, the harder the mission it can be used to unlock. Description. 45% Hard Interception Rot A NEO (all) 66. Credits – 15,000; Argon Crystal – 2; Salvage – 10,500; Feritte – 6,750 © 2009-2017