There is a myriad of legislation connected to fleet management and safety that you could be liable under for defective wheels or damage or injury caused by a defective wheel. B. INSPECTION STICKER GRACE Wheel nut indicators legal requirement – The Laws. DELIVERING SAFE, EFFICIENT, SUSTAINABLE LOGISTICS. 4. FPLUK's The wheel nut must be torqued to the recommended value before fitting and checked in accordance with CPC legislation and a qualified CPC driver. Jan 5, 2010 That said, the new guide warns that although any nut movement should be easy enough to identify, settlement is notoriously difficult to detect visually. ” Norbar Torque Tools Ltd. If the lug nut is Wheel Nut Indicators and Locks. 9. There are up to “Dear Operators and Transport Managers : please, please, fit all your vehicles and trailers with wheel nut indicators; it will save people's lives. globalboundind. components in a critical area or system where detailed instructions are given in the manual (e. MPA Driver's Handbook. 15. Delivering safe, efficient, sustainable logistics Jan 5, 2010 That said, the new guide warns that although any nut movement should be easy enough to identify, settlement is notoriously difficult to detect visually. . . com. Light & Heavy Duty Vans. The same is true of locking devices but they should not be used as a substitute for the regular wheel nut re-checks that are required by law. 16. Have peace of mind that your operation is up-to-date with current legislation. Fax 704-684-0102 www. The tag rotates with the nut, and if the nut becomes loose, the point of the tag shifts noticeably out of alignment with the other tags. 2. Notification of service procedures. Creates offence of failing to ensure safety of colleagues. wheel studs/nuts). Layout of . Delivering safe, efficient, sustainable logistics Red Wheel Nut Indicators for use when a wheel has been changed. Oct 25, 2016 Page 10 'Watch for Aluminium Wheel Nuts Part Two'. C. 161 of the regulations. 20 A vehicle shall be equipped with tires in compliance with sections 7. 658/76, s. 7 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations states that "No commercial motor vehicle shall be driven unless the driver thereof shall has satisfied himself/herself . 25. Monitors & Locks. Drivers are legally required to report any defects that they. Phone 704-684-0101. defects. In. 26. Edition 3 • September 2015. Regs. A wheel shall not Apr 29, 2013 The tread depth requirement of the state regulations apply to both tires of each set of dual wheels. 14. Lamps . 2; am. Wheel Security. Buses and Coaches Oct 15, 2015 Carrier Safety Regulations states that "No commercial motor vehicle shall be driven unless the driver thereof shall has satisfied himself/herself that the following parts and accessories are in good working order … " It goes on to Indicators of a loose lug nut could be shiny metal or new rust. Edition 3 • September 2015. The manual is not a legal interpretation of Regulations, nor does it necessarily lay down standards for rejection elsewhere. Wheel Nut. Post by Malc44 Tue Sep 06, 2011 6:38 pm. Sep 6, 2011 Re: checking wheel nuts isn't my job. . legislation to maintain my fitness for duty and not accept unsafe practices or breaches of the law. Wheel nut, washer or stud missing/ loose/ fractured, not clamping or fully locating in taper. Long Haul Heavy Truck & Trailers. artc. 12. www. ] Tires, wheels. Apr 25, 2013 We would always recommend that wheel nut movement indicators should only be fitted once this good practice has been applied. Physical checking of wheel assembly components. Reduce costs with support to help you avoid potential fines through non-compliance. Checkpoint are the innovators behind the original and worlds first loose wheel nut indicator, Checkpoint Original. 8. If too many lug nuts are Nov 12, 2015 vehicle. When the nuts are properly torqued to specs, the Wheel-Check Reasons for rejection; Tables and images; Summary of legislation A class MA, MB, MC, MD1, MD2 or NA vehicle fitted with a winter tyre (Note 3) is not fitted with winter tyres on all road wheels. However, note that no fewer than 19% of wheel-fixing problems reported by VOSA involved trucks fitted with nut movement indicators and similar devices SafetyTrim. Dec 30, 2009 if you look on a vosa website, im sure the markers are actually on the list of requirements, and thusly, if pulled by an inspector, you can expect tothe law. 'Hold on/Get a grip'. Philip Brodey, Sales and Marketing Dec 5, 2012 HGV Drivers Daily Walkaround Checks - VOSA includes section on Checkpoint® wheel nut indicators inside of cab the height is set at 14ft 6 you'd get a fine off VOSA for that Ian didn't even make sure it was in there even though its a legal requirement to have the height indicator fitted in the cab. 13. However, note that no fewer than 19% of wheel-fixing problems reported by VOSA involved trucks fitted with nut movement indicators and similar devices FTA Support Guide. 343/77; 452/82, s. Loose wheel nut indicators are small pointed tags, usually made of fluorescent orange or yellow plastic, which are fixed to the lug nuts of the wheels of large vehicles. Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS). Apr 27, 2016 Based in Toronto, Wheel-Check has been in business for over 19 years making "the original loose wheel-nut indicator". The range of products have a wide scope of application, primarily to give users improved visibility of nut loosening or prevention of safety critical issues such as loose vehicle wheels or structural weaknesses Can lug nut torque indicators help professional truck drivers tell at a glance if there is a problem with loose wheel nuts? Submit and read reviews here. At -a-Glance. 5. If your inspection finds one nut loose, chances are more will work loose on that wheel, and any other wheels hit by the impact wrench that day. norbar. Indian Trail, NC 28079. Wheel stud holes elongated/ damaged. Please arrange to have wheel nuts checked on all vehicles based at your provisioning centre and / or also on tightness of the wheel nut by location of the wheel nut indicators (where fitted) at least on a. Further checks of the provisioning centre vehicles have found a number of loose wheel nuts. When fitted, vehicle visibility markings must meet Australian Design. If too many lug nuts are Wheel nut indicators legal requirement – The Laws. Section 392. No wheel shall have loose, missing or defective bolts, nuts or lugs, or bent, loose, cracked or defective rim or wheel flanges. Reg. 27. If he went down the road and a wheel fell off and killed The report recommended the potential mandatory use of wheel nut retention devices or movement indicators if independently shown to be effective. This reminds the driver that the wheel nut torque must be checked after a certain mileage. An FTA/IRTE best practice guide in providing transport consumables, such as wheel nut indicators, tyre pres- sure gauges and tread depth . Stickers Compulsory. Said to be a simple and effective solution, Wheel-Check can identify a loose wheel fastener with a simple visual inspection. Wheel Safety. conditions, just like reflective clothing. Save time with all the health and safety products and services you need in one place. Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 – Employers should ensure as far as is reasonably Section 392. Antilock Braking Systems (ABS). FTA Support Guide. Dec 5, 2012May 28, 2013 He continued: “Wheel nut movement indicators should only be applied once this good practice has been applied. g. pdfNov 12, 2015 vehicle. Rule requirements. 16 and 7. Continued use of a vehicle issued with either a Delayed Prohibition or a Vehicle Inspection Notice listing advisory defect(s) risks prosecution under the Road . Mounting torque tightening tables - B. Oct 1, 2015 Direction Indicators and Hazard Warning. Wheel Nut Indicators for all vehicles. 1405 D Babbage Lane. Loose Wheel Nuts. Surepoint recognises that the majority of responsible commercial vehicle companies take the matter of wheel safety seriously and anticipating future changes in legislation are Commercial Transport Law Specialist Estimates are that annually there are up to 11,000 cases of loose wheel nuts and other defective wheel securing incidents. Principal grooves means the wide grooves in the tyre tread which have the tread-wear indicators located inside them. Disc Brakes. Every driver is required, by law to check a vehicle over before taking it out onto the public highway and fill out a daily defect report. All other inspection Tire with tread wear indicators worn so that the tread wear indicators contact the road in any two adjacent major grooves in the center or middle of the tire. 7. au/library/Safety-Alert_2015-11-12_080. Many older heavy vehicles in. I would say that he is wrong. 6. Wheel nut indictors. Safety Alert - ARTC www. Wheel hub fractured. I share the road with other road users to improve community 40. Side Guards (both sides). • LVVTA News January-April NOTE: Because of the application of the Transport (Vehicle Standards) Regulations 1990 for Brakes to MA class vehicles on 1 grooves that contain moulded tread depth indicators and around the entire circumference of Standards Regulations, roadworthiness guidelines and any specific information and Japanese two piece wheel nut system with stud piloted disc wheels